Monday, March 20, 2006


A slide from the storyboard. I haven't worked on the whole storyboard... only on this slide to fix a framing problem.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Crows - Citroen Commercial

I would like to show you this commercial I worked on:

30Sec Clip
40Sec Clip - No Audio
sh06 Full

It was a hard work, because of the tight deadline: I had a week and a half to animate 6 scenes, some of them with multiple characters, and one with eleven crows. Also the creative director asked for several changes during the process... especially for the last scene in which he wanted a particular type of acting, similar to Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.
A goal was to keep the crows realistic and believable and at the same time convey the meaning of the scene, in a short amount of seconds.
The director did a good work in telling a complete story in 30 second, and as a cosequence there was a nice variety of shot to animate... a subjective, a little crowd, a two shot, a close up, a multiple shot.

Here the credits:

Visual FX by UBIK VFX
VFX Supervisor: Franco Valenziano
Character setup & Animations: Emanuele Pavarotti
Shading, Lighting & Fur: Giulia Lamacchia
Compositors: Gabriele Diaferia, Josè Sala
Texture Artist: Silvia Buttignon
Model: Nicola Scarpinato
Dynamics: Nicola Danese
Finaling & online: Francesco Gasparotto

Produced by Filmmaster
Adv. Agency: EURO RSCG Milano
Directed by Matteo Pellegrini