Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Marco @ Future Film Festival

My short film "Marco and his Ball" will be screened at Future Film Festival In Bologna, in the Future Film Short category. Go there and vote for it... Bologna is a nice city ^_^
Soon I'll post more info about the short, but I start saying thank you to the fantastic team that has been working with me:
Alessandro Chizzolini - Character Modeling
Nicola Zanardi - Character and environment rigging
Nicola Danese - Dynamic and particles
Giulia Lamacchia - Shading, lighting, rendering, compositing
Jacopo Ardit - Compositing, color grading
Simone Giambruno - Music
Andrea Pavarotti - sound editing, video editing consultant
Silvia Perindani - voice of Marco
and my mentor Chris Derochie - Animation Mentor and supervision

thank you guys, you're awesome!