Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Milano - mm3 - Central station

Zanna is on fire with Nintendo DS

Thank you 3dtotal

Wooot! o_0

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Marco and his Ball new Website

You're all welcome to visit Marco's new home in the net (and leave a message if you want)!
There you can find the short film, preproduction material, a making-of as well as other infos!




Parma-Milano Train, 9.00 am.

A daily.

Gardaland, Time Voyagers

At Ubik vfx we recently finished Time Voyagers, a stereoscopic sci-fi film for Gardaland.
Here a link to the commercial:
Time Voyagers

The "animation department" was formed by Mitja Rabar, Jacopo Sebastiani and me.

The Muren, from a shot I animated:

Nicola Zanardi, Me, Alessandro Chizzolini and Tommaso Malberti in front of the Time Voyager Theater, in the opening day :D

Stylization from 3000 years ago

Sketches from Rock Engravings in Valcamonica, Bronze age.