Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rwanda: Sabyinyo family

Juvenile Gorilla close upRuhengeri, morningParc des VolcansRoad to SabiynyoChildren on the slopes of mount SabyinypSabyinyo Kids
Parc des VolcansGahonda eating bambooBaby mountain gorillaSilverback GahondaJuvenile GorillaSun tan
ThoughtsGahonda close upSabyinyo familyGahonda looks downBehind the leavesJuvenile gorilla eating
Sabyinyo family's silverbackGahonda eating leavesJuvenile gorilla with brown eyesGahonda on mount SabyinyoGorilla trackersVolcan

Rwanda: Sabyinyo family, a set on Flickr.

Another day with the Mountain gorillas: the Sabyinyo family.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Paul: Double Negative’s alien adventure

The Art of VFX and Fx Guide published two interviews with Paul animation supervisor Anders Beer.
The two interviews are a great in-depth description of what our tasks and challenges were as "Paul animation team".
There is a bit that makes me really proud, when Anders picks a shot that I animated as one of his favorites!

Signature shots

Beer’s favorite shot, in terms of animation, involves Paul apologizing to a woman who decades earlier had seen him arrive in his UFO, subsequently causing her a lifetime of grief as people ridiculed her alien sighting. “Paul’s trying to muster up the guts to talk to her and apologies for what he’s done and make amends,” explains Beer. “There’s not a lot we can do with Paul – he’s basically listening to her. He’s about to talk to her and she interrupts him with a lecture, saying, ‘You screwed up my whole life!’. Paul is sitting there on the couch and we’re putting all this tension in. It’s all in the eyes and very simple gesturing movements. It’s one of those scenes that I’m really proud of because the animators nailed it right out of the gate. You could see it go from animators-did-a-great-job to lighters-did-an-amazing-job to the compositors dialing it in perfectly.”

FX Guide

Art of VFX