Monday, August 29, 2011

Aliens and Martians

During these last couple of years spent in Double Negative I met a lot of talented animators, here are some of the links to their reels and websites, enjoy!

Aldo Gagliardi
Alvise Avati
Amedeo Beretta
Arne Kaupang
Brecht Debaene
Brendan Body
Chiara Antelmi
Craig Bardsley
Dan Fotheringham
Daniele Mieli
Darren Rodriguez
David S. Peng
Gianluca Fratellini
James Wilson
Jason Martinsen
In-Ah Roediger
Michael Brunet
Mike Hull
Nathan Mcconnel
Nicolas Gueroux
Nicolas Prothais
Nicolas Seck
Patrick Giusiano
Paul Davies

I will try to keep adding new links as soon as I'll find them out.

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