Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brendan Body's Animation

I read a lot of animation related blogs, and one of my favorites is Brendan Body's one... so it was a really nice surprise to find my comparison reels posted there!

Brendan is a fellow colleague in Dneg, currently working on John Carter.
Prior to that he was in Animal Logic, where he worked on Legend of the Guardians.
On top of being a great animator he can write and teach really well. Among the others, his bird flight tutorial is excellent: flight is a very complex motion and is not explained in other animation books.
He also created with Julia Goehle the ReelBarrow: an online archive of inspiring animation reels.

And here his Brendan's reel, be sure to head over to his website for many other inspiring works!

Showreel 2011 from Brendan Body on Vimeo.

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